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Salas de chat Business

Categoría:  Business

#gold freenode

Sala de chat - 34 visitantes - hace 99 minutos - tema actual: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, copper - Logs: - Bot: https://tr.im/Econbot - See also: #coins, ##ebay, ##business+investing, ##blades, ##prepping, ##nuclear, ##solar, ##backup+verify, ##bughunters

svexchange synIRC

Sala de chat - 57 visitantes - hace 84 minutos - tema actual: http://reddit.com/r/svexchange official IRC channel / Rules & FAQ: http://bit.ly/1FQ7mv2 / Other channels: #pokemontrades #pokerng / Pokémon is serious business. No fun allowed. Rules from the sub apply here as well!

nom Mozilla

Sala de chat - 31 visitantes - hace 89 minutos - tema actual: nom, the Rust parser combinators library https://github.com/Geal/nom - support answers during french business hours - look for inspiration and examples on https://github.com/Geal/nom/issues/14 - om nom nom nom

Hattrickelli Omerta

Sala de chat - 4 visitantes - hace 88 minutos - tema actual: Bienvenidos a Hattrickelli // Welcome to Hattrickelli - Old School family since 2.1 // - join #provenzano for family business - Forever <3 Cris, Jeyu and Juan ~ (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hattrickelli/)

tripsit.me TripSit

Sala de chat - 21 visitantes - hace 84 minutos - tema actual: Turn back now, here be dragons. This is the channel to directly speak to upper staff. We ask that you please don't idle in this chan after your business here is done. | Current Status: Tripcon 2.6.wtfidekbbq

rugged EsperNet

Sala de chat - 3 visitantes - hace 94 minutos - tema actual: #Rugged! ^^(b'')b^^ | Refuge from the everyday | Nothing says rugged like JUMPING VEHICULAR HOMICIDE NO | YOUR CHANNEL IS SILLY | YOUR BOT IS SILLY | YOUR SILLY IS CEREALOUS BUSINESS | MY CEREAL, NOT UR BUSINESS

#jsf freenode

Sala de chat - 14 visitantes - hace 99 minutos - tema actual: Current Mojarra version is 2.2.13: http://jsf.java.net/ (Maven: https://maven.java.net/content/repositories/releases/org/glassfish/javax.faces/) - Please note most help is available during US business hours

gnucash GIMPnet

Sala de chat - 37 visitantes - hace 92 minutos - tema actual: Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! (Possibly a few hours!!) || publicly-logged channel || latest stable: 2.6.15 || www.gnucash.org
Categoría: Salas de chat GNU

fluendo freenode

Sala de chat - 4 visitantes - hace 99 minutos - tema actual: Flumotion 0.8.0 "7 Portes" is RELEASED - now with WebM/VP8! Cortado has been donated to Xiph.org! Elisa is now Moovida at http://www.moovida.com/ | Web shop is open for business at http://www.fluendo.com/

IIwiki EsperNet

Sala de chat - 3 visitantes - hace 94 minutos - tema actual: The official channel for IIwiki business. If you need help, please ping an op. | If the site is down, please post on the NS forum thread here: http://goo.gl/PzxJu5 | Support the site! Don't use AdBlock!

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