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Salas de chat Coding

Categoría:  Computers  >  Programming  >  Coding

coding ZAIRC

Sala de chat - 4 visitantes - tema actual: General Code/​Programming/​Scripting Chat Channel
Categoría: Salas de chat Programming

gitolite freenode

Sala de chat - 62 visitantes - tema actual: =​=​=​=​ gitolite (http:/​/​gitolite.​com) is access control for git,​ purely server-side.​ Motto: "Social Coding.​ Without the 'social'" ;-) =​=​=​=​ Please note due to time zones,​ you may not get an answer immediately; be patient or hit the mailing list (http:/​/​gitolite.​com/​gitolite/​index.​html​#contact)
Categoría: Salas de chat Git

rpg-coding DejaToons

Sala de chat - 4 visitantes - tema actual: Beer,​ TP and Lotto Tickets have been restocked
Categoría: Salas de chat Role-Playing Programming

CodingCafe Mibbit

Sala de chat - 6 visitantes - tema actual: Welcome to the Coding Cafe IRC channel - Here you can have discussions and help other users with programming.​ No swearing is allowed and will result in you being kicked or banned.​ Regular helpers will be given Voice (VOP) to help distingush them.​ http:/​/​www.​codingcafe.​co.​nr
Categoría: Salas de chat Programming Coffee

mIRC UnitedChat

Sala de chat - 17 visitantes - tema actual: [Services: Online] Welcome To ​#mIRC Largest & most trusted Official mIRC Help/​Chat Channel .​:.​ mIRC 7.​46 (8/​1/​16) Released .​:.​[Scripting,​ Coding Html/​Php .​.​.​] ​#mIRC TEAM - To add free flash chat applet for your website visit: http:/​/​www.​unitedchat.​net/​getchat.​html
Categoría: Salas de chat mIRC

theshed GeekShed

Sala de chat - 88 visitantes - tema actual: TheShed - General Discussions of a geeky nature |​ TechSNAP Thursdays @ 1pm PDT (21:00 UTC) http:/​/​jblive.​tv/​ http:/​/​techsnap.​tv |​ GeekShed is looking for developers with C,​ C++,​ or php coding experience,​ /​join ​#engineering to help out!

tmlua Rizon

Sala de chat - 6 visitantes - tema actual: Welcome to officially unofficially limited lua coding channel! |​ Module API info: http:/​/​www.​transformice.​com/​forum/​?s=​365251&p=​0 |​ Documentation: http:/​/​www.​transformice.​com/​forum/​?s=​451587&p=​0 |​ "Every cptp needs an end" - http:/​/​i.​imgur.​com/​MDGwUGi.​jpg
Categoría: Salas de chat Lua

aikar SpigotMC

Sala de chat - 35 visitantes - tema actual: Channel for "Coding With Aikar" - Stream: https:/​/​stream.​emc.​gs - Discord: https:/​/​aikardiscord.​emc.​gs - HexChat Script: https:/​/​gist.​github.​com/​aikar/​96754416f6c9db18fd2e |​ Aikar's quote list: https:/​/​gist.​github.​com/​0x277F/​8a26e951e94ed4650cb7

coding Mozilla

Sala de chat - 6 visitantes - tema actual: Ningún tema
Categoría: Salas de chat Programming

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