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Sala de chat - 2 visitantes - hace 79 minutos - tema actual: Ningún tema
Categoría: Salas de chat International

mcbans EsperNet

Sala de chat - 8 visitantes - hace 73 minutos - tema actual: MCBans Support Center [Twitter: @MCBansOfficial] | Notice: If you are having problems please contact staff ( @ / + ). | We do not discuss any type of player ban(s) in this room. Those are handled at our forums for perm, or mcbans.com for global.
Categoría: Salas de chat Minecraft

help AUXnet

Sala de chat - 2 visitantes - hace 77 minutos - tema actual: Global server ipv4: irc.auxnet.org ipv6: irc6.auxnet.org | Staff are opped | Join #vhost to request free virtual host. if you still don't get any response, please send a ticket to www.auxnet.org/help | Please don't comment on spam/trolls.

modsoftherealms Snoonet

Sala de chat - 6 visitantes - hace 64 minutos - tema actual: Welcome to ModsOfTheRealms on snoonet | http://www.reddit.com/r/ModsOfTheRealms | Say hello! | The Global List of Local Reddits is now at a new address: http://www.reddit.com/r/LocationReddits/wiki/index

Greekirc GreekIRC

Sala de chat - 32 visitantes - hace 71 minutos - tema actual: \\\///\\\///eLCoMe to #GreekIRC channel for the global users of GreekIRC Network... / Our site : http://www.greekirc.net & our forum : http://www.greekirc.net/forum/index.php Photo Gallery: http://www.greekirc.net/album/
Categoría: Salas de chat Greece

Europe-World MindForge

Sala de chat - 31 visitantes - hace 68 minutos - tema actual: •••••Welcome to the global European - World. All Languages and all gentle People, from all over the world, are welcome here. Be nice and friendly, or you will be sent to HELL :) •••••{Topic By Asterix & Evo-Man}
Categoría: Salas de chat Europe International

mcse-gera-y2k PhatNET

Sala de chat - 11 visitantes - hace 66 minutos - tema actual: Halali: https://www.deutschepost.de/de/h/handyporto.html | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2-q9l7VryU | https://aeon.co/videos/bring-back-the-mammoth-to-fight-global-warming-its-not-as-crazy-as-it-sounds
Categoría: Salas de chat Gera

csgoscrim GameSurge

Sala de chat - 3 visitantes - hace 72 minutos - tema actual: [ Welcome to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Scrim Channel - News: spam rule: 3 lines 35seconds - (NO Advertising) - PUBLIC SCRIM SERVERS COMING SOON! - for csgo game dev or league news & updates visit #csgo ]
Categoría: Salas de chat Counter Strike Global Offensive

seravee Rizon

Sala de chat - 7 visitantes - hace 79 minutos - tema actual: Just another test for #Seravee channel, feel free to join or leave. PM me for contact | global parser: http://global.encore.pw/ | website: https://bots.encore.pw/ | Donate: https://bots.encore.pw/donate/

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