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Salas de chat Mumble

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gridcoin-mumble freenode

Sala de chat - 16 visitantes - hace 77 minutos - tema actual: Ask IP-anonymous questions to the mumble speakers, and keep up on the haps! | Gridcoin Community Hangout #48 will be on Saturday, January 20 @ 7PM UTC check http://everytimezone.com/#2018-01-20,420,c8l for timezone info - https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@peppernrino/gridcoin-community-hangout-048
Categoría: Salas de chat Mumble

mumble freenode

Sala de chat - 165 visitantes - hace 77 minutos - tema actual: Official Mumble channel -- https://www.mumble.info | Mumble 1.2.19 released: http://blog.mumble.info/mumble-1-2-19/ (bugfix and security release)
Categoría: Salas de chat Mumble

mumble.de freenode

Sala de chat - 14 visitantes - hace 77 minutos - tema actual: Deutscher Mumble-Channel —- http://mumble.info | Neue Foren auf http://forums.mumble.info
Categoría: Salas de chat Mumble Germany

mumble.se freenode

Sala de chat - 3 visitantes - hace 77 minutos - tema actual: http://www.mumble.se/ mumble://mumble.mumble.se
Categoría: Salas de chat Mumble Sweden

#snoonet-gaming Snoonet

Sala de chat - 4 visitantes - hace 58 minutos - tema actual: Snoonet Gaming http://steamcommunity.com/groups/snoonet | qat is making an anti-cheat and snoonet is creating a tournament system for CS:GO Teams and TF2 teams with prizes! | Mumble: snoonet.org (http://mumble.info for download) To bind a mumble key to talk, Go toConfigure and then Settings.. check Advanced at lower left, choose Shortcuts on the left, and add a function for Push to Talk with the key you want
Categoría: Salas de chat Games

dountaindewandmoritos Rizon

Sala de chat - 4 visitantes - hace 77 minutos - tema actual: ▲ Welcome To The Cathedral of Misogyny! We Are A Behemoth! You entering here waive your rights to refuse to be broadcasted on twitch ▲ Sensitive Info?: PM one of us, Don't Post it, TY | We Change From Time to Time But Our Goals About Censorship, Ethical Standards and Freedom are the same ▲ Mumble: mumble-us.cleanvoice.ru 50688 ▲ TeamSpeak: ddm.moe https://t.co/ciD7Lhsg0V

overflowsec freenode

Sala de chat - 13 visitantes - hace 77 minutos - tema actual: www.overflowsecurity.com | General InfoSec Talk | Enumerator https://pypi.python.org/pypi/enumerator | Tr0ll http://bit.ly/1nTD65M | Tr0ll2 http://bit.ly/10v3gbI | For CTF Registration see Wytshadow | Mumble mumble.overflowsecurity.com pass NHY^7ujm | Great reference by ps-aux type !docs | Do your due diligence before asking for someone to give you a hand out. | Ask before PM’ing |

#oot-finnish freenode

Sala de chat - 5 visitantes - hace 77 minutos - tema actual: Teaching finnish. | http://rageclub.net/~nortti/suomen-opetus | Third lesson on 2016-10-23 (note! this is sunday!) 18:00 to 18:30 UTC | use #osdev-offtopic mumble server | this week's homework: translate text to english, translate translations to finnish, form 5 genitive phrases (https://rageclub.net/~nortti/suomen-opetus/lesson2-homework-words.txt)
Categoría: Salas de chat Finland

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