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Salas de chat Solaris

Categoría:  Computers  >  Operating Systems  >  Solaris

solaris freenode

Sala de chat - 121 visitantes - tema actual: Read the welcome message | Solaris 11.3 released 26 Oct 2015 - oracle.com/solaris/solaris11 | Solaris 12 News - thelayoff.com/oracle | i said `gays are in my hatelist
Categoría: Salas de chat Solaris

opensolaris freenode

Sala de chat - 54 visitantes - tema actual: OpenSolaris is dead, long live the community! Use Oracle Solaris 11.3 or open fork, #illumos | Solaris 11.3: http://bit.ly/Ia2xTd, http://pkg.oracle.com | #illumos distros: http://bit.ly/JxrH9l #openindiana, #omnios, #smartos | Docs: http://goo.gl/emjEm | Linux->Solaris migrants: http://bhami.com/rosetta.html
Categoría: Salas de chat OpenSolaris

nvidia freenode

Sala de chat - 109 visitantes - tema actual: UNOFFICIAL NVIDIA Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris Graphics Driver Support | Releases: official: 381.22, legacy: 304.135, 340.102 | https://http.download.nvidia.com/XFree86 | DO NOT FLOOD! (use https://gist.github.com) | try to use your distribution's driver packages | Have you tried nvidia-settings?
Categoría: Salas de chat Nvidia

unix TsukiIRC

Sala de chat - 4 visitantes - tema actual: Welcome to #UNIX, the place to discuss UNIX, The BSDs, Solaris and other SYSV descendants, /etc/ :D FREEBSD 10 IS OUT NOW! BSD for Linux users: http://www.over-yonder.net/~fullermd/rants/bsd4linux/01 | Currently looking for a new channel owner. Please msg NekoArc for more info
Categoría: Salas de chat UNIX

#*nix-dev freenode

Sala de chat - 4 visitantes - tema actual: Questions & Discussion about Linux/Unix/BSD/Solaris development || (Sub)System APIs, Architecture, Tools, Core Libraries || Preferred pastebin: http://codepad.org || This is the irc, we do not answer to "hi" || Be very patient, we might be doing something else in the real world.
Categoría: Salas de chat Development

solaris-svu IRCHighWay

Sala de chat - 8 visitantes - tema actual: Ningún tema
Categoría: Salas de chat Solaris

solaris-manga IRCHighWay

Sala de chat - 3 visitantes - tema actual: Ningún tema
Categoría: Salas de chat Solaris Manga

solaris QuakeNet

Sala de chat - 3 visitantes - tema actual: EDL -> http://q2scene.net/edl/ * Quake 2 Scene -> http://q2scene.net/scene/
Categoría: Salas de chat Solaris

pkgbuild freenode

Sala de chat - 13 visitantes - tema actual: the "just ask and wait (long)" channel for building software packages for Solaris/OpenIndiana/OmniOS | http://pkgbuild.sf.net/ | believe or not: 1.3.105 released: http://pkgbuild.sf.net/download.php | automatic builds see channel #sfeautobuild

apachefriends freenode

Sala de chat - 7 visitantes - tema actual: Current XAMPP Version: Linux 1.8.3 | Win32 1.8.3 | Solaris 1.7.7 | Mac OS X 1.8.3 (Universal Binary) | No support for XAMPP on Dedicated Root- or Vserver | IRC-Stats: http://ircstats.lud3r.de/xampp/
Categoría: Salas de chat Friendship Apache

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