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Salas de chat Industrial

Categoría:  Art  >  Music  >  Industrial

industrial DALnet

Sala de chat - 2 visitantes - hace 98 minutos - tema actual:  stephen hawking, david bowie and prince...you have done amazing things.
Categoría: Salas de chat Industrial

iww freenode

Sala de chat - 33 visitantes - hace 98 minutos - tema actual:  Industrial Workers of the World | iu 570: talk to jrabbit | "Our power lies not in the streets but at the pivot point of capitalism: the workplace." ―Boots Riley | https://reddit.com/r/IWW | Join the union! Global: https://iww.org/ DE: http://wobblies.org/ UK: https://iww.org.uk/

Ravynhold DarkMyst

Sala de chat - 13 visitantes - hace 94 minutos - tema actual:  FFRP - Fantasy Industrial Era RP (1920's for tech level) - #ruincrawl for OOC - In game year: 520 [Weather: Clear and somewhat warm during day, cooler nights - Timezone: Central] - Just north of the City of Laspas stretches a tower and its surrounding ancillary buildings.

starcitizen Rizon

Sala de chat - 2 visitantes - hace 98 minutos - tema actual:  .:#StarCitizen:. MIG Recruiting Channel | Organization Site: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/MIG | Forum Recruiting Thread: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/99340/manga-industrial-group-mig-recruiting | WAIT HERE TO BE ADDED TO MAIN CHANNEL
Categoría: Salas de chat Buddhistic

industrial Undernet

Sala de chat - 8 visitantes - hace 98 minutos - tema actual:  [#industrial] [9:47:50pm] This is a music channel. Damnit
Categoría: Salas de chat Industrial

commandhq freenode

Sala de chat - 3 visitantes - hace 98 minutos - tema actual:  Military & Industrial discussion. Interesting hardware, software, national security, current events, military theory, historical trivia. | Official channel of the CommandHQ GIS open source project

talos-offtopic freenode

Sala de chat - 44 visitantes - hace 98 minutos - tema actual:  #talos-offtopic: anime, LaTeX and raytracing, oh my! | This channel is unofficial. | I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you eat that | The mIRC-Industrial Complex
Categoría: Salas de chat Chat

linux-iio OFTC

Sala de chat - 7 visitantes - hace 97 minutos - tema actual:  Welcome to the Industrial I/O IRC channel | ML: http://marc.info/?l=linux-iio | Documentation: https://www.kernel.org/doc/htmldocs/iio/
Categoría: Salas de chat Linux

#realestateinvesting Snoonet

Sala de chat - 1 visitantes - hace 86 minutos - tema actual:  [Welcome! All about Real Estate Investing - Single or Multifamily Residential, Commercial (Retail, Office, Industrial, etc.), Landlording, Rehabbing, etc.] | REsources! - affordanything.com, biggerpockets.com | [No unsolicited spam]

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